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If you are just now joining Doug Dillon’s Blog Tour, this is the second half of an Excerpt from Stepping Off A Cliff, the first half you can find here: posted on January 20th.

Excerpt from Stepping Off a Cliff

The St. Augustine Trilogy Book 2

Coming Late Spring / Early Summer This Year!


Gasping for Air

Oh God, it was so good to see her and as I stared, she lifted a hand very slowly and gave me a tiny wave. I waved back, wanting desperately to be with her but I knew that sure wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

Above us, the inner wall of the vortex snaked its way up into total darkness. That made me realize the source of light making it possible for us to see came from somewhere below.

With a little effort, I tilted my head enough so I could look down. I’m telling you what, squinting into that blasting, Arctic-like wind really ripped the hell out of my eyes but below my feet, way far away, I saw a pulsating, sparkling, circular glow. Whatever it was, it kept shifting all around, I guess because the inner walls of the vortex were constantly moving in different directions.

The longer I focused on the glow, the bigger it got and the more it seemed like I was dropping towards a million twinkling stars. Or, maybe all those lights are heading for us, a thought came to me right before we passed through it. Or, maybe it passed through us. I really don’t know which.

When I say “through,” I mean exactly that. It happened so fast, but I definitely felt a slight prickly sensation start at my feet and fire all the way through every part of my body. For a split second, my vision filled with rushing sparkles and then it was gone. Immediately, I looked up and saw that glittering mass shoot up through the twisting hole above us at an unbelievable rate of speed and out of sight. Only then did I notice some sort of sharp smell but I couldn’t identify it.

A second or two later, I hit water. The impact forced the stuff up my nose, into my mouth and into my eyes—salt water—cool, but not cold. Definitely warmer than the inside of that nasty vortex. And yeah, I did say salt water. At the same time, a sharp pain ripped through my left hand.

Choking and gagging, I tried to swim but found both of my hands stuck in what felt like cool, squishy mud. I had to really struggle to pull them loose but I finally did and wildly paddled a few feet upward until my head popped through the surface. Gasping for air, I found I was able to stand up in the muck below about

four feet of water. Right next to me, Carla was doing the same thing.

Glancing around quickly through stinging eyes, at first I found it impossible to focus on anything in the distance. Blinking rapidly and smelling the gross stink of tidal mud, a lot of marsh grass finally came into view against a backdrop of clear blue sky. Beyond that? A few old buildings and two men about forty feet away standing on a high bank of sand looking down at us. One guy’s face was shaded by a hat he wore but the other looked an awful lot like Lobo.

The St. Augustine Trilogy Book 1

6. Book I cover

Sliding Beneath the Surface Book Trailer


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This and That & Review Ideas Captured
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January 22nd
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  1. To Read the first half of the Chapter from Stepping Off A Cliff please go to this blog post. The link above is a closed blog and no longer active.

  2. Thank you for the Blog Host for participating in this tour!

  3. Loved the excerpt! I cant wait to find out what the hell is going on.
    thanks for hosting!

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