The Sassy Seven Naughty Sleepover


So this passed weekend I went to The Sassy Seven Authors Naughty Sleepover in San Antonio,Texas. I can’t even begin to describe how much fun we had. Not only were the seven authors throwing the event there but there were several other in the Erotica genre. It was a very laid back event. You were able to get sooooo much one on one time with each author. They did every thing they could to make this amazing for us.

We got there to sign in and recieved a ton of free stuff. Once we were all signed in then it was time for a little meet the Sassy Seven time. They were awesome. Told about themselves and answered any questions that we had. after that we went to grab dinner and then get ready for the next event. This was the High Heels competition and dance. None of us won but it was still fun. The judges were two of the hottest and sweetest gentlemen ever.

ImageDavid Nieves and Cole Reilly

David later told me that I was in his top three for the heel contest. He was such a sweetheart. ❤

After the contest and a few giveaways the music came on and the dancing began. Ok well the lap dancing that is. They had a contest for the one who gave the best lap dance to the male hosts. My girl Lynn won of course!! Then it was dancing for all and fun was had for a few hours.

Everyone then headed to a club where Desiree Holt was picked up by the DeeJay. That woman has such a way with the men.

The next morning it was breakfast with everyone.  The games began after that. They held a scavenger hunt, a “ball toss”, a pin the ummmm part on the man, a ring toss on the penis and a few others. We opted for the scavenger hunt because we wanted to go see downtown San Antonio and we had a blast. We barely made it back  for the Pink Luncheon. They had several more giveaways and raised a great amount for a breast cancer center. It was then time for the Pure Romance party and the consultant was fantastic. We ran to get a snack before the next event.

Once we got back to the ballroom it was time for the BDSM demonstration. IT WAS AMAZING! We were all on the edge of our seats and couldn’t take our minds off of them. After he was done we got to ask any questions we wanted. That went on for a while because we were all full of them. He liked how interested we were and invited us to ” His Dungeon” after we finished our other event for the night. *squuueee* Of course we all wanted to come. Once the demo was over it was time to head up and get ready for dinner and the Denim and Diamonds event.

Everyone came back all dolled up and sparkly. It looked like a room full of twilight vamps. Everyone was gorgeous though. the dinner was great. It was a Fiesta Dinner. Fajitas and such. Once dinner was done it was time for ” The Dancers”. There were four of them and they were from Dallas LaBare. We had a blast watching them and all the ladies. Some of the reactions were the best. After the dancers were done it was time to head to “The Dungeon”. which again was amazing. We got too see some pretty cool things there.

The next and last morning was a great breakfast and a little more visiting and then goodbyes. Every one was laughing and talking about all of the events of the weekend. It was truly amazing!! I would so recommend this to anyone that loves to read erotica. These ladies know how to have a good time!!!

Thank you to Brenna, Desiree, Regina, Samantha, Allie, Cerise and Nicole( who couldn’t make it)!!! You ladies are amazing and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon. ❤



  1. Heather,
    You absolutely rocked the party, not to mention I thought your shoes were slammin’. Thank you for coming and having a naughty time with us!!

    • Thank you for having the event hun!!! It was great and thanks I LOVE my shoes.

  2. Heather, thank you so much for the fantastic review. We loved having you there and are so very glad you had a great time. That was our goal. Thank you again.

  3. It was awesome to hang out! Have to do this again! Absolutely!

  4. SO GREAT TO READ YOUR REVIEW of the NSO! Tickled you had a good time! We 6 did, too…and man, we were WORKING IT!
    XXXX and thanks for coming!

  5. Oh what fun we had. Can’t wait to do it again.

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