Next Book club meeting

On our next meeting we will be covering Rachel Caine and her Morganville Vampire Series. If you haven’t read this you are missing out!! It is a great series full over everything. Lust, Love, Action, fighting, HOT VAMPS, HOT HUMANS and soo much more. Claire is the female lead. The other main characters are Eve, Micheal and Shane( MMMMMmmm Shane) and a few others but she focuses on them the most. Claire moves to Morganville, Texas to start college. She is a little younger than most students and has a hard time from day one fitting in. She makes many enemies and several great friends along the way. She learns that Vampires basically run this town. She ends up fighting them head on and well that is all I am going to tell you. Don’t want to ruin this amazing series for you. I will post after next week what the rest of the group thought but I am sure they will be as enthusiastic as I am bout this series.


Rachel is also on FB:

Rachel on Twitter: @rachelcaine


First book in the series.


CL Parker


I wanted to share an amazing author with you. Her name is CL Parker. Her books are called the Supernova Saga. She just released the last and final book in the saga called Nexus. The Supernova Saga is a paranormal romance about destiny, free will, and fate. Kerrigan Cruz is a strong woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t want. Kerrigan is a Guardian of the Light. She makes sure we have the right to chose which path we will take in our lives and that no one else can take that right from us.She falls in love, beats evil and finds a new family. I strongly suggest that you run out and get this series. You won’t regret it one bit. Here are CL’s blog, site and FB please follow her. She is a blast!!


Official site:


she is also on GoodReads and Twitter(@theclparker

Author’s After Dark in NoLa!

I recently went to Author’s After Dark in NoLa. It was my first convention and it was great!! The authors were all so nice. I got to have drinks with C.J. Ellisson, T.J. Micheals, Tilly Greene, Stacey Kennedy, Kristen Painter and Sasha White to name a few. I was able to go have desserts and coffee with Erin Kellisson and Jessa Slade and I went on a Ghost tour with CL Parker. I came home with sooooo many new books to read and was able to get them all signed. The city itself is amazing and I didn’t want to go home. So full of history and beauty. I took many pictures and have them posted in an album on my FB. Here is the link for those that are interested.

So, if you are thinking about attending a convention I highly recommend this one to you. You get tons of free stuff and  get to spend time with the authors besides just a quick signature on your book.

Here is the link for next years convention:

Angie Fox’s website

Angie Fox’s website

Here is Angie Fox’s website. You can go here to get a list of books that she has written and is releasing soon. 

Last week’s book club meeting.

Last week we covered the AH-MAZING Angie Fox. Everyone read the Accidental Demon Slayer. Ms. Angie Fox was nice enough to call into our meeting and talk to the girls. Let them ask as many questions as they wanted. They truely enjoyed meeting and talking with her. Knowing how she came up with many of her ideas helped them love the book even more. It’s a great story about a young lady who discovers she is a demon slayer and a kick ass one at that!! Once she turns 30 her powers kind of revel themselves and her crazy grandmother shows up to help her learn her potential. She has to leave her life behind to full-fill this destiny. She, of course, meets and amazing man along the way. He has many secrets that you will find out as you read further into the book. She also has a dog that has been her pet for a while now but once she turned 30 and those powers started revealing themselves he started talking to her. He is a snarky fun little guy. We recommend this read and the rest in the series to anyone who loves a good strong female lead and a fantastic side love story. The book is hilarious, action packed and full of love!Image

Welcome to my blog

I would like to welcome everyone here. I will be talking about amazing authors that I meet as well as placing reviews for books that I have read on here. I will be sharing the views from my book club members here as we read along in our meetings. Also, I will have occasional giveaways as well. Enjoy and again welcome to my  blog.

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